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“Bitter endings to love relationships can ravage every aspect of your life. It can often feel like your whole world has shattered, and you’re not even sure where all the pieces are to try to put it back together.” Katherine Woodward Thomas

Conscious Uncoupling™ is a term coined by Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of the ground-breaking book Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After – How to Break Up a Whole New Way.

I’m a senior certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, personally trained and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas and have been a Conscious Uncoupling coach since the beginning of the program in 2012.

And having navigated my own Conscious Uncoupling, and having worked with hundreds of people in various stages of relationship break-up, I understand very well how challenging breakups can be.

That is why I am in a unique position to personally support you through your own Conscious Uncoupling process.

Yes, I know how hard break ups are. They are heart breaking. But at some point, and with the right support, the pain  transforms into something positive. As a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, I will support you to gain the insights and skills you need and show you some powerful rituals that can help to transform your heartache into emotional freedom.

“The good news is, there is a way to put the pieces together again, and the conscious completion of a relationship—even one that ended decades ago—can liberate you beyond the patterns of your past, heal potential toxic residue, and catalyze a journey of healing and transformation.” Katherine Woodward Thomas

I will personalize your coaching sessions throughout the weeks, allowing you to take full advantage of this truly healing process.

Katherine’s book reached the New York Times best seller list soon after its launch.

You can order or download your copy now.

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